Please note that we do not offer one off appointments unless you are a member of one of our programs..

We offer two options for appointments  -

Option 1 - as part of a 12 month complex case program, or 

Option 2 - via the Be Your Own Body Guard Wellness Hub - members only.

Not sure which of our two treatment options is the right one for you.

Book an introductory chat to get to know me and we can discuss both options and determine the best option for you.


Christine and her team have practical, natural family health solutions that are highly individualised.

"I have tried a number of naturopaths before Christine for my depression, anxiety, digestion and skin. I’ve had a life long interest in natural medicine and diet. I find Christine really listens to my concerns and she has supported me through several family health crisis, including my young son’s chronic tonsillitis and ear infections where antibiotics previously was not able to resolve the cycle.

Christine’s use of herbal medicine has enabled me to confidently avoid what may have developed as frequent antibiotic use and reduce the severity and frequency of these common childhood illnesses without further negatively impacting on my child’s long term gut health. I also like that Christine is not against antibiotics, or any pharmaceuticals, but has lots of less severe and effective tools to help me and my two sons. She has always referred me to the Dr if and when needed. This philosophy of care has been important to me and my family.

Her food coaching, dietary and natural medicine knowledge is extensive. This together with her superior understanding of health, wellness and medicine has been very helpful during my 2nd pregnancy. Now as a mother of 2 young boys, wife, business owner and pilates teacher, with Christine’s ongoing support, I feel more confident in our families health journey today and beyond. I’m able to discuss any concerns I have about my families health, diet and wellness as needed. She is accessible and patient in her explanations via Skype or face to face. So even though I live close by, I don’t have to worry about babysitters or travelling with a toddler in order to have appointments with Christine. Supplements are delivered direct and even in emergencies Christine has been able to provide medicine after hours when needed. Christine and her team have practical, natural family health solutions that are highly individualised."
Renee Murphy, Mother, Business owner & Pilates Teacher, Coolum Beach, Qld, Australia

Life is soooo much better - naturopathy rocks!

"For many years I have had so many gut and skin issues as well as depression and anxiety. Nothing I tried seemed to help. Vomiting, stomach cramps and diarrhoea seemed to be a regular experience, no matter how healthy I strived to eat. As a personal trainer and parent this started to interfere with both my work and my parenting. Christine was able to quickly identify that I had multiple food intolerances, particularly lectin and lactose. Removing these ingredients has improved my health tremendously. Christine has also resolved much of my depression and anxiety and even provided herbal medicines to help me through a very stressful time. Life is soooo much better - naturopathy rocks! Jamie Whyte, Personal Trainer, Medina, W.A.