Writing to Heal


Writing to Heal is a program designed exclusively for clients of The Body Guard Clinic to support your mind, body and soul on your path to wellness.

This program has been written by Sarah Cannata, Embodied Processing Practitioner and Christine Barnes, M.Well, N.D. to support the clients of The Body Guard clinic.

Complex medical history can leave us feeling jaded and with little hope for a positive outcome in the future. Clearing space in your mindset to allow healing to take place is crucial.

This is a 7 day program designed to support you in finding your way to allowing wellness into your life and giving you every chance of a successful outcome during your health program with The Body Guard.

Over the course of 7 days you will receive a daily email with writing task specifically structured to help you work through anything that has come up for you while navigating your health path.  You will also be given access to an exclusive Facebook group where you will be fully supported by Sarah Cannata and Kathie Holmes (Patient Liaison from The Body Guard).  The group will provide you with a safe space to discuss anything that may come up for you as well as valuable tools for you to allow your mind and body to begin working as one.

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