Why should you become an ambassador for The Body Guard?

Our holistic health snapshot below shows you the work we do that can impact all areas of life. Creating our new programs brings a more cost effective treatment program and our Health Hero's ambassador program now adds an additional element in that it allows our patients and clients to financially benefit from referring our people to the Be Your Own Body Guard Program, which means helping with their financial health alongside the other health aspects we support.

Recent years have taken a huge toll on the health, wellness and finances of individuals and families and we want to do our part to change the lives of 1000 people by 2025 but we need your help.

Will you become a TBG Health Hero and join our ambassador program?

What is a TBG Health Hero?

A TBG Health Hero is an ambassador for The Body Guard and is someone who has worked with us and knows the positive impact that working with The Body Guard can have on health and wellness and is willing to share our information with those they know, whether it be friends, family, work colleagues or online.

Refer & Earn $

As a TBG Health Hero you will sign up to our ambassador program. Once signed up, you will be given a personalised link that you can use to share our Be Your Own Body Guard Program. Whenever someone purchases via your link, we will be alerted that the referral came from you and you will be paid a commission*. Find out more...

Why should I become a TBG Health Hero?

We all know that word of mouth is the best way to find out about good health practitioners and it can make the difference between seeing improvement in illness and overall wellness or continuing the search for years to find that one person who listens and takes the right action to support your health. 

As you have first hand experience in working with us we believe you are the perfect person to become a TBG Health Hero to share your experience with those you know.

1000 lives by 2025

A huge goal but we are up for the challenge!

Are you ready to join us?


Do I have to be an existing patient/client to join?

Yes you do. We want people who know of our work first hand to be able to share the knowledge of working with us and to be rewarded for doing so.  

How much commission do I earn?

Your commission will vary depending on the program, membership or course purchased via your link. Our affiliate program DOES NOT include product sales from our online store. 

The following is our commission schedule as at the 25th April 2023.

Be Your Own Body Guard Membership -


Monthly Membership that is purchased via your link - you receive 30% commission for the first month of each membership purchased with your link. You also receive a recurring 15% commission for every month that these members remain current. E.g. Membership cost is $37. Someone clicks your specific affiliate link and purchases the membership.  You receive $11.10 commission for that month. If they stay on after the first month, you receive $5.55 commission for each month they remain a member.

For all programs:

  • Commissions are paid via Paypal 
  • Commissions are paid 30 days after the sale to allow us to fulfil legal obligations in regard to refunds/guarantees. 
  • You CANNOT use your commission link to purchase your own program. 

You agree that you will investigate the requirements of adhering to all Australian tax laws for affiliate earnings and should you be the holder of an ABN and registered for GST you will provide these details to us to ensure the correct processing of GST on any affiliate payments.

You also understand that we cannot guarantee any specific earning projections as these are based on your input into sharing your link and the sales that come from that link. Neither of which are within our control. 

Guidelines & Terms

As we operate in the allied health industry we are restricted in the terms we use to promote our services. All affiliates are expected to make themselves aware of these terms and ensure that they are not being used when promoting our services.  A full guide to promoting our business will be provided in our sign up terms and conditions. 

We require all affiliates to agree to the following terms and conditions:
1. You will at no time purport to be an employee or owner of The Body Guard or its subsidiaries.
2. The Body Guard Health Enhancement System and The Body Guard remain the trademark of The Body Guard.
3. You will only use marketing materials provided by us when promoting our programs.
4. You will at no time state in any way that our systems or programs replace advice from medical professionals or that they claim to heal any illness in any way.
5. You will not use your affiliate link to purchase our programs for your own use.
6. You understand that you will be paid a commission of 30% of the initial months membership and 15% of recurring membership payments derived from the use of your affiliate link for the Be Your Own Body Guard membership. You will receive a one off commission of $250 for any sales of the My Own Body Guard program via your affiliate link. You will receive a one off commission of $350 for any sales of the Our Family Body Guard program via your affiliate link.
7. You understand that any breaches to any of the above terms will end your affiliation with The Body Guard and/or its subsidiaries and any outstanding commissions will be forfeited.
8. You understand that your commission payment will be paid every 30 days for any sales made in the preceding 30 day period.
Should you have any questions please contact clinic@thebodyguard.com.au


What happens if someone asks for a refund?

We endeavour to provide the highest quality programs and courses to ensure that our clients are receiving value for money and are happy with our service.

Unfortunately though this doesn't mean that everyone will be happy and we need to adhere to the standard consumer rights to a refund.  We provide a 14 day change of mind refund for our programs and a 7 day change of mind refund for our monthly membership. 

For this reason we pay our affiliates 30 days from the day of sale to ensure we have time to process any refunds should they occur.  Commissions are not paid for refunded programs, courses or memberships.

Can I join if I live outside of Australia?

Yes you can. This affiliate program is run in accordance with consumer and tax laws in Australia and you will be required to adhere to those.



As a member of our Health Hero's team, you may receive samples, bonuses, special promotions and giveaways from time to time. These will vary throughout the year.