Tired of being sick? Sick of being tired? 

As the leaders in diagnosing and treating complex resistant cases, we not only work to uncover the root cause of your ongoing illness, we also listen to you so we can understand your situation and join the dots between what you have been through, where you are at now and what you want to achieve for your health. 

Your health goals, are our health goals.

Whether it is a recent illness or it's been such a long and difficult road struggling with poor and declining health. You might have travelled from practitioner to practitioner trying to find the one that “gets it”, the one that really understands the individual behind the illness

The one that treats the whole person and not the disease, a practitioner who has the vision to work holistically, to find the root cause of illness, and then has the skills to lead you back to wellness.

As Lead Practitioner at The Body Guard Clinic, Christine brings together a mix of science, analytical thinking, extensive natural therapies qualifications and a determination to see beneath the surface and get to the very core of what is causing your illness. 

Christine's aim is for The Body Guard Clinic to be the go to clinic for patients who feel they have not yet been heard and who have not yet reached their health goals after years of trying.  Our patient testimonials speak volumes about our level of care and service.

What Sets Us Apart

The Body Guard Clinic is not your average health clinic.

Our entire team are dedicated to helping you restore your health in the most efficient way possible so that you can get back to living your best life. 

  • Take us for a test run! You can book an introductory chat with Christine before engaging her to take care of your health. That way you get to know each other and determine if you are a good fit to work together.
  • We offer secure, online consultations via our telehealth system which allows us to treat patients all over the world. We are currently treating patients in Australia, NZ, USA and Europe! 
  • We have a dedicated Patient Liaison available to help you with any administration, booking and general queries.
  • We are here to support you every step of the way. Our motto is "Your health goals, are our health goals" and we stand by that at all times.

Our results speak for themselves...

Gut Health

"I no longer feel like my issues are all in my head. I’m actually hopeful of feeling 100% healthy again" 

- Sarah

Read Sarah's full testimonial

I was referred to Christine by a friend. I had been diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) and it was clear that Western medicine could no longer help me. I’ve been living with gut problems for over six years after a terrible bout of food poisoning overseas.

These issues have impacted every facet of my life. Something as simple as travelling interstate for work or a long morning tram ride was incredibly stressful.

I’d already spent thousands (maybe more) of dollars on things that didn’t work for me: gut-directed hypnotherapy, a nutritionist, a naturopath, reiki, energy healing… I can’t even remember everything I’ve tried.

I began working with Christine in February 2021 and it is now August 2021. My symptoms have improved considerably and for the first time since having gut issues, I feel seen and heard.

I no longer feel like my issues are ‘all in my head.’ I don’t have a constant uneasiness in my stomach and I’ve been able to enjoy simple things like catching up with friends for lunch with minimal discomfort. I’m actually hopeful of feeling 100% healthy again – that means a lot to someone who was considering that maybe I’d have to live with these problems for the rest of my life.

Above all else, I love Christine’s holistic approach. She asks all the questions about my past and life that no other health professional has. Christine has made me realise that anxiety has been a significant factor in my life so far. This was a huge realisation that explains so much about my life to date. 

Compromised Immunity & Skin Cancers

"I love the time she takes and the way she explains things in a way that I feel empowered. " 

- Samantha Lluise, Brisbane

Read Samantha's full testimonial

"I want to thank Christine for the massive difference that she has made in my health and life. Her explanations and technical health knowledge are very informative and I love the time she takes and the way she explains things in a way that I feel empowered. This experience has given me so much hope and I can never thank her enough. 

Christine has a very special gift and thank goodness as I had been suffering from compromised immunity with multiple skin cancers, anxiety and depression for many years. I was on the brink of multiple sinister cancers taking hold and Christine has helped me to prepare and recover from surgery for skin grafts, discovered some of the underlying drivers and been a great support during what has been a challenging period of my life that has included life and family stressors.

My medical doctors are very impressed with my recovery and progress and I’m excited to pay it forward and look forward to helping others recover in my own business.  Christine's work in the field of Naturopathy is extraordinary. Both technically advanced with clever solutions, and yet practical. All delivered in a step by step practical way that works well. Christine has been friendly, available and inspiring. Truly a naturopath's naturopath. " Samantha Lluisé, Naturopath, Brisbane, Qld, Australia

Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD)

"The results speak for themselves and I intend to continue with Christine’s protocol indefinitely." 

- Donna Greenhalgh, Registered Nurse

Read Donna's full testimonial

"My son was 3 when he was diagnosed with the debilitating and incurable disease Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). Immediately Christine was able to create a protocol of supplements that not only supported the selected pharmaceuticals but reduced their side effects.

My son is now 7 and doing well, he is still mobile and able to swim the length of a pool. Most would not be able to tell that he has DMD. He will always have it, but for now we are happy that he has not declined as many other DMD children of the same age are already in wheelchairs and have lost the ability to walk.

It's a lot of work, diet, tablets and tests, but all worth it to know that he has the best chance of high level wellness and functionality albeit with a serious diagnosis. His specialists and Drs are all very impressed with his progress. I believe that without the help of Christine, my son would not be doing as well as he is. The results speak for themselves and I intend to continue with Christine’s protocol indefinitely."
- Donna Greenhalgh, Registered Nurse and mum of two, Pacific Pines, Queensland, Australia

General Ill Health

"Christine is incredibly knowledgeable, very thorough and able to explain all my lab results to me that make sense." 

- Carolyn Broomfield

Read Carolyn's full testimonial

"I commenced treatment with Christine in 2015 after becoming very dissatisfied and disillusioned with my wholistic GP whom I had been seeing for a number of years. I felt that my health was not improving one bit. After our initial consultation, Christine worked with me to help solve various problems, one by one. Her diagnosis and treatment have been thorough and accurate; even though we still have a little way to go, I know I would be in a much worse situation without her advice and support.

Christine has never been too busy to communicate with me; always positive and easy to open up to. I enjoy our appointments, learning more about my health and what is necessary to maintain a healthy enjoyable lifestyle. Christine is incredibly knowledgeable, very thorough and able to explain all my lab results to me that make sense. She has a non-judgmental, kind and empathetic heart. Appointments are always easy to schedule around my life. Christine also has helped with other members of my family and we feel grateful for her help and guidance that has improved our health and lifestyle.. I would absolutely recommend Christine and her team!" Carolyn Broomfield

"When health is absent, wisdom cannot reveal itself, art cannot manifest, strength cannot fight, wealth becomes useless, and intelligence cannot be applied" - Herophilus

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